Delta Dental - Troublesome Teeth

Delta Dental wanted to be top of mind for parents and families considering new dental insurance. It’s proven that people are willing to go with sub-par insurance when they are only covering themselves, but parents want the best when it comes to their children.

As a way of engaging our audience in a playful way, we created Troublesome Teeth, a trio of tooth-friends who love to play and have fun but tend to run into trouble. We created a series of videos following Finn, Molarmer, and Nina as they embarked on their adventures. This proved to be a fun, playful way to talk about a serious need.

The Troublesome Teeth campaign resulted in a 3x increase of link clicks, site visits and plans purchased.

Episode 1 //
Episode 2 //
Episode 3 //

Creative Director: Hillary Tandrow
Art Direction: Madeleine Maguire
Copywriter: PJ Forester
Producer: Helena Öhman
Stop Motion Production: Mighty Oak

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