Poppy & The City

Get to know Poppy, one of Cruise's favorite self-driving vehicles. From her very first drive to delivering thousands of meals during the pandemic, Poppy’s journey is a love letter to San Francisco, one neighborhood at a time. She's become a popular Cruise star with her own social channels on Instagram and TikTok (@PoppytheAV) which I also develop content and strategy for. 

The concept for Poppy & The City was developed by our in-house creative team, and produced with the help of our awesome partners at Avocados and Coconuts. And yes, the absolute coolest part of creating this film was meeting Willie Mays.

Creative Director & Writer: Tom Parker
Art Director & Motion Designer: Madeleine Maguire
Video Production: Avocados & Coconuts
Strategy: Stephanie Bevegni

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