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Starbucks For Life

Who doesn’t love winning things? And what if that thing was free Starbucks coffee for life? That’s right, for life.

During the holiday season, Starbucks Rewards members had the chance to win a lifetime of Starbucks food and drinks. We wanted to drive awareness to the Starbucks app, where Rewards members could enter, and play, for the chance to win Starbucks for life.

In keeping with the theme and style of SFL, we recreated social posts that felt like real-life moments from the game. All of the sets were hand-built and shot in-camera to create an authentic, hand-crafted feel.


Creative Direction: Michelle Franzoia
Art Direction & Set Design: Madeleine Maguire
Copywriting: PJ Forester
Production: Claire Fontana
Motion Design: Kevin Brown

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