Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent, which is the B2B side of Zillow that works directly with real estate agents, was planning a rebrand in April 2019. While Zillow is well-known and well-liked among consumers, ZPA struggles with distrust and the belief that they are direct competition for agents.

For ZPA’s rebrand campaign, we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to tell their brand story in a new way. ZPA agents are committed to doing all the little things that are needed to find the perfect homes for their clients. They do what it takes to win every home moment. With this insight, we wanted our campaign to applaud, celebrate and thank agents for everything they do, and emphasize that their reason for being is ZPA’s reason for being. Agents are the real heroes of the home buying journey and will continue to be, but with developing technology and more and more agents entering the field, agents need the edge that ZPA provides. 

Internally, client team members were highly enthusiastic and energized by the strategic shift and the marketing support provided by our team. The overall sentiment among agents was mixed. Those who were top performers, and recognized for it, felt excited and proud while those who weren’t recognized in the same way had less positive feedback. Through the first month of the campaign, our ZPA clients were extremely happy with their performance metrics. Those details can be shared upon request.

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On the day of the rebrand launch, agents were sent to ZPA's new website to learn about the brand's renewed purpose. On social, we wanted to spotlight the small moments of hard work, that normally go unnoticed, to show what makes ZPA agents so great, and more likely to close.

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Creative Direction: Michelle Franzoia
Art Direction: Madeleine Maguire
Copywriting: Richard Tseng
Production: Claire Fontana & Helena Öhman
Film Direction: Nicolas Randall

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