The early stages of shelter-in-place lockdowns during 2020 were full of emotions. Fear, anger, depression, confusion... we all know the list is nearly endless. Writer Austin White had the brilliant insight that if we adults were feeling all those things, then kids must be as well. But while the rest of us watched 24/7 news or scrolled social media, kids didn't have the same outlets to gather information or find ways to cope. 

The Bear in There is the story of Teddy, a cute and kind bear living in his cupboard during quarantine. We learn why he's there and how he can be helpful in keeping himself and others safe. Teddy's story is designed to facilitate helpful conversations about the quarantine lockdown with the kids in our lives. 

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Writer: Austin White
Illustrator: Maisie Richards
Art Director: Madeleine Maguire
Motion Designer/Editor: Brandy Troxler
Designer: Angie McDonald

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